yazbukey for Valentine’s day

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Let’s try the new macaron from Yazbukey “BLACK CHERRY” for Valentine’s day.

Only at la Durée . Enjoy ;)


Yazbukey - New SS 2010

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Photo: Vincent et Tania for Yazbukey

This is the story. When we fall back into childhood everything comes out, remembrance materializes and takes the rooted shape of symbols equally superficial and important for the future. Yazbukey’s enchanted roundabout has taken in its memory the souvenir of a Paris when her father ambassador took along mother and daughters in the capital of pleasure and luxury. It’s  a stopover to Paris, in a fantasy city with the sweetened colors of An American in Paris by Vincente Minnelli. A 3D postcard of the life of a little girl with great big souvenirs! And everything is mixed ! Here’s the list: Daddy’s diplomatic pouch, chocolate chunks crunched during a picnic in Vincennes, soap bubbles in the golden bath of a four star hotel, Vogue magazine laid on the pale pink tweed divan, stamps-Ah! Not to forget, letters to send to granny. The wonderful moments when the parents were receiving guests at the Turkish Embassy, the champagne flutes, the cigars brought back from a trip in Cuba, a fashion face, Karl Lagerfeld and Chanel’s 80’s period etc. Clichéd images of a reception of “Monsieur l’Ambassadeur ». An advertisement that entertained the little girls: Ferrero Rocher. In that golden descent towards childhood, real-life truth can merge into a distorted time-line to embellish the elusiveness of a given moment. Never mind. Just like the Plexiglas jewelry which diffuses the fragrances of a past happiness. But the souvenir box is reopened. Yazbukey’s creations haven’t forgotten anything of that life. Stardust memories.

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Andrea Crews - Summer workshop

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Mark Borthwick

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0fr. Saturday 14th March, 6 to 9pm
Mark Borthwick invites you to a dinner at 0fr. Concert of Amy Sioux followed by some new songs from Will Shine.

(Mark Borthwick exhibition is open everyday until the 22th. Signed books, records, polaroids and photos. He will also give a concert at 0fr with Jeff Ryan next Tuesday (we’ll also show that night the movie in project about him from Sébastien Jamain). An other concert should be organised next Thursday too)

David LaChapelle

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The current retrospective at the Hôtel de la Monnaie presents his glossy, color-saturated photos in the splendid setting of this 18th-century neoclassical building, providing a nice contrast between modern baroque works and an antique setting, à la the recent Jeff Koons exhibition at the Château de Versailles.

David LaChapelle has made a career from taking surreal photographs that subvert and celebrate celebrity itself. La Monnaie de Paris’s extensive retrospective features his portraits of, among others, Madonna, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jeff Koons and Elton John

Lee Miller, an extraordinary woman

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The exhibition at the Jeu de Paume, Paris (until January 4) is almost identical to that of the V & A Museum in London one year ago. Lee Miller was without doubt an extraordinary woman. Her beauty, first was surprising, since an early age to his 70 years: a pure beauty and sculptural. The men fell under her charm, Man Ray, Picasso, Robert Roland Penrose and many others.

By her mid-thirties, already flooding the covers of British Vogue, Lee Miller chose to be at the other end of the camera in order to document the end of World War II. (She was one of only five female war correspondents.) Her photographs of London’s rubble & decay are amongst the finest war records. In Germany, at times her eye was cool – perhaps for self-protection – as when she photographed SS soldiers and their children, all dead by suicide. Although, when she encountered Hitler’s bathtub, she jumped in and playfully took a self-portrait. Her sweeping landscapes of the Middle East are like a lesson in geometry; and finally, the abstract female torsos she photographed can still moisten a few pants. Her knack for finding beauty in the most wretched places had quickly earned her “one of the seven most distinguished photographers.” [Vanity Fair]

Lee Miller produced some of the most powerful photographs seen this century, from portraits of her friends such as Pablo Picasso, to her work as a correspondent with the US army in World War II. Beginning her own studio in Paris with artist Man Ray, she went on to work with Vogue, and in France, Egypt, and New York, being best remembered for her witty Surrealist images.

Sølve Sundsbø

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Norwegian photographer Sølve Sundsbø is currently showing some of his works at colette in Paris. He is making his solo debut in the French capital of Maggazine like Numéro and at one of the world’s most famous shopping destinations, colette. Sundsbo’s work for this solo exhibition features vivid photographs of feathers that pop against the backgrounds of the images, as well as short films that are showing throughout colette. He says they’re the blend of a lifelong love of nature documentaries and his later work in fashion: “Birds have a sartorial quality which, in a sense, is a pure form of fashion.”

solve sundsbo

solve sundsbo

Exhibition @ Colette paris until the 27 of SeptemberBird

Yazbukey - Fine Jewellery

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We just updated the yazbukey website. She launches her first collection of precious jewellery. Available soon at Colette - Paris.

Deyrolle, a historic naturalist boutique

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Deyrolle, a historic naturalist boutique in the heart of St. Germain, was ravaged by a fire earlier the 1st February. to help out the shop, Hermes designed this scarf called plumes, sales of which will be donated to help out the reconstruction of the historic building and the building up its former collection of naturalist objects [taxidermied animals, butterflies in frames, and loads of other special things.] for sale (265 euros) via


“sneaker customizer” Rob L

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A tribute to UK sneaker customizer Rob L, Puma teamed up with this devoted Clyde historian, collector and artist to develop the sought after “Archipelago Clydes”. In the late 80’s Rob L became obsessed with Puma Clydes and Suedes. He soon started collecting as well as customizing them in a unique way with Pantone ® marker pens. It worked out to be patchy on big areas, so he perfected his technique by breaking it down to smaller patches of color: the “archipelago” pattern was born. Available in blue on white or cream on white. Only 500 pairs per color, available June 21st.
A week later, on June 28th, the second colorama of the Sneaker Freaker x Puma “Jirozame” project will be released. This edition’s Blaze of Glory will be vivid black highlighted of several cleverly chosen colors. Only 504 pairs throughout the world.

Available at Colette - paris